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Dear CPXi,

Thank you for your interest shown in Evartha. Evartha is one of the most popular Infotainment bilingual news portal since 2009, which has a proven its track record in online promotions and digital marketing. Evartha is aggradated by the government of Kerala with I & PRD(21674/D3/12/I&PRD), Evartha is a member of Digital News Media Federation (DNMF), Evartha is counted among the top ten positions in the Google news list And Evartha has a reputableposition in national and Global Alexa Ranking. Evartha is a complete and comprehensive site

for Malayalees across more than 120 countries, mostly from India, Middle East, UK and US. It provides continuous coverage of news like National, International, Regional, Business, Political,entertainment, fashion, sports and more to engage all type of age group in both English and Malayalam.

Evartha, with more than 1.5 Lakh page views and over 50 thousand unique visitors per day, in an average that comes up to 45 Lakh page views and 15 Lakh unique visitors per month. Evartha crossed a major milestone of 2 Lakh Facebook followers recently, proving that we have grown to be a position that cannot be ignored. “As Evartha is a standalone media a Competitive Analysis

Report of Facebook Evartha is No.1 in Page Fan Followers and People Talking about This (PTAT)”.Each of our Facebook posts is reaching to minimum of 3 to 5 Lakh peoples.With respect to the promotions through Evartha, We identify your vision as our primary mission to help you to realize your business goals and attain faster, visible and sustainable online results.