Download font

You need to get a Unicode font installed on your computer to read Malayalam content on evartha. Here is a step-by-step guide to download and install a Malayalam unicode font.

1. CLICK HERE to download the Malayalam Unicode font Anjali Old Lipi* to your computer.
2. Go to the Fonts folder: My Computer> C> Windows> Fonts
3. Then to add font, go to: File> Install New Font. Then show the path of the Anjali Old Lipi, that you downloaded earlier.

4. Start Internet Explorer
5. Go to: Tools> Internet Options> Fonts> Select Malayalam in Language Script> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Webpage Font
6. Click OK and OK.

4. Start Mozilla Firefox
5. Go to: Tools> Options> Content> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts & Colors
6. Click OK

4. Start Google Chrome
5. Click the spanner image at the right top corner and go to Options> Minor Tweaks> Change Font And Language Settings> Select Anjali Old Lipi in Fonts and Encoding
6. Click OK, Click Close.

7. Now you can read the Malayalam script on evartha