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Kerala BJP leader K Surendran’s video allegedly using pan masala goes viral on social media

Thiruvananthapuram: A video has been doing rounds on social media Friday in which a man resembling BJP leader and Konni candidate K Surendran allegedly using pan masala.

കരിമല കയറ്റം കഠിനം കഠിനം … ഇനി അല്പം ഹാൻസ് ആകാം ….. K സുരേന്ദ്രന്റ കഴിഞ്ഞ വർഷത്തേ ശബരിമല യാത്ര….

Posted by സ്വദേശി പെരുമ on Friday, October 18, 2019

The one who shared this video reportedly says that the man in the video is K Surendran itself. According to them, the BJP leader is seen borrowing Hans ( a kind of pan masala which is banned in Kerala) from one of his fellow mates.

Meanwhile, when Evartha reached to Surendran, his personal staff said over the phone that, “we are not aware of any such thing and will look into the matter.”

Evartha was not able to substantiate whether it was K Surendran or did he used banned pan masala products.

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