Techies witnesses world’s first fully-floral, interactive ‘Pookkalam’ at Technopark

Engineers see things in their own perspectives. Always with a touch of tech in them (just like how Perunthachchan created the pond that looked different from different sides).

When it was time to create a Pookkalam (flower arrangement) for the Technopark’s Pookkalam competition 2019, engineers at Mettle Networks (www.mettlenetworks.com) thought of creating one with a difference—they created world’s first, fully-floral, interactive Pookkalam.

When looked at it first, it appeared to be a different kind of shape and design. It has a different geometry, a trapezoid. It would take a while to understand its beauty and ingenuity.

What is so special about this Pookkalam?

This Pookkalam, though it is made fully with flowers and lays on the floor, if you try to take a photo of it, your phone will recognize something in it and will respond to the Pookkalam! Yes! Before you even take its photo, your phone will tell you that the Pookkalam is suggesting you visit a website! If you proceed, you will be taken to an Onam greetings page where you can enter an Onam Lucky-draw!

How is it done?

This Pookkalam has digital data encoded in it in the form of QR code. But it looks a little bit different from a regular QR code as it takes a
trapezoidal shape. This is because a regular QR code has to undergo an optical correction called “inverse perspective” for it to work. Ingenious!

“Only flowers were used to lay this foal carpet. No salt crystals or chips used. It took utmost care to attain the precision that is required for the QR code to work.” says Manju Thomas who led the ten-member team.

Abhilash, a team member recalls “we practiced testing the concept several times to attain this level of accuracy and we timed the laying process to keep it within the set limit of two hours. It was very challenging'”

About Mettle Networks

Mettle Networks is an IP Networking products company that designs and develops products for telecom and broadband operators. Mettle Networks has been selected by Intel last year to be part of their privileged Winner’s Circle, one out of fourteen companies in the world in its category.

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