Lakshadweep Territorial Congress Committee’s review meeting held at Kavaratti

Kavaratti: Review meeting of Lakshadweep Territorial Congress Committee was held at the capital of Lakshadweep islands against the backdrop of Lok Sabha elections 2019 to analyze issues of the electoral outcome.

Former Member of Parliament and LTCC President Advocate Hamdulla Sayeed, who was Congress candidate for Lok Sabha 2019, took the moral responsibility of the election outcome and resigned from LTCC president.

However, this was unanimously rejected by all senior leaders and LTCC office bearers. He was persuaded to continue as  Lakshadweep Territorial Congress Committee President. The same was approved by all.

Election data in all islands were analyzed,  in terms of votes polled in each booth and it was mentioned that Lakshadweep Congress has fared well in Lok Sabha election in terms of cutting the vote share of NCP in all the islands and reducing the victory margin of NCP Candidate PP Faizal by half of the votes from last time.

Efforts of Lakshadweep Congress Party under leadership of Hamdulla Sayeed to revive and revamp the organization had led to success in Panchayats, regaining District Panchayat along with seven VDPs and success at students union elections too in the past.

For future outcome,  it was accepted by all for the need to strengthen Lakshadweep Congress more in all islands and it was decided to cater to issues of better booth management, enhance outreach in social media, civil society,  keep vigil on issues and concerns of native people of Lakshadweep wherein Lok Sabha representative has a bearing from shipping,  transportation, scholarship for students, better health facilities and sustainable tourism amongst others.

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