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How many of you knew that trending ‘Science page’ on Facebook, having around 1 million followers was created by a Malayalee?

There is a famous phrase in Malayalam that, in wherever corner of the world you go, whichever field you choose, there will be a Malayalee present. Same has become true here with a trending Facebook page.

‘Science page’ was created two and a half years back by Saritha K Suresh Babu (34) who hails from Pulloor, Irinjalakkuda of Thrishur.

The page now has a whopping one million followers world wide, most of which are from US, UK, India, Canada, Australia and Philippines. Not just this, the page is also gaining around five thousand followers daily.

Many informative posts regarding science are posted on the page and many have gone viral on Facebook. Among these, Prof Brian Cox’s ‘Is Time travel possible’ alone has been liked and shared more than 2.5 lac times.

Every day there will be updates on science videos and news. A good number of Malayalee followers are too there for the page. But little did they know that it was created by a Malayalee itself.

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