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‘Was paid 1000 dirhams for each deal,’ reveals gold smuggling accused

Thiruvananthapuram: In the Thiruvananthapuram gold smuggling case,
the statement given to the police by the main accused Sunilkumar was reportedly made public in which the latter revealed that he was paid 1000 dirhams for each deal.

Sunil said 2 more persons – Arjun and Uma were involved in smuggling gold.

Gold smuggling accused Vishnu had advised him to exit the airport immediately if they spot any suspicious movements in the airport.

Sunilkumar is a close relative of Prakashan Thampi, who was a close friend of Balabhaskar.

Arrested Sunil is Prakashan Thampi’s uncle’s son.

Sunil was nabbed by the DRI when he tried to transport Serina’s bag containing 25 kg of gold out of the airport.

Serina Shaji was arrested in connection with the case. All this was said by Sunilkumar in his statement to the police.

Sunilkumar had told DRI that he first visited Dubai in November 2018 on a tourist visa and befriended the key accused Vishnu through Prakashan Thampi.

Sunil’s visa was arranged by Thampi and Vishnu and they had planned to open a cafeteria in Dubai.

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