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Monsoon to hit Kerala in 48 hours; Fishermen told to stay alert

Thiruvananthapuram: India Meteorological Department (IMD) has issued an alert to fishermen in view of a possible depression formation in the Arabian sea.

The IMD has informed that a depression will form in the central-east Arabian sea near Kerala and Karnataka coast.

As conditions favourable conditions are forming in Arabian sea, the south-western monsoon may hit Kerala in the next 48 hours, said the IMD.

Meanwhile, fishermen have been advised to exercise caution. Wind speed could reach 35-45 kilometres per hour in the Arabian sea near Karnataka and Goa coasts on June 6. On June 7, wind speed in south-west Arabian sea could reach 35-45 kilometres.

On June 8, the wind speeds in south-east and south west Arabian sea, Maldives and Kerala coasts will also be in the 35-45 kilometre per hour range.

On June 9 and 10, the wind speed could remain in the 35-45 kmph range.

Fishermen have been advised to refrain from venturing into the above mentioned areas of the Arabian sea on the above mentioned dates.

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