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Kerala Legislative Assembly to become the first assembly in country to be fully digital and paperless

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala Legislative Assembly will become first assembly in India to become fully digital and paperless.

The first phase of the project will complete within fourteen months, announced Speaker P Sreeramakrishnan.

It is learned that in the first eight months, procedures inside the assembly will be completed and in the remaining six months, procedures outside the assembly will be completed.

The listed matters in assembly will be available in the laptops of the MLAs.

Debates with the speaker, government’s reply, budget details, questions and replies, other procedures in assembly, other information needed for MLAs and related documents will all be available on a fingertip.

Moreover, details of works of MLAs in their constituencies are also included in the software. There will be a training session for MLAs on 21st and 22nd of this month regarding the project.

Printing expense of legislative assembly is around 35-40 crores annually.

Though many stacks of papers are placed on tables, they are rarely opened for reading. The amount required for printing is sufficient to complete digitalisation. CyberPark under Uralungal Society has given the project, the speaker said.

The assembly will join from 27th of this month for budget discussion and voting and to pass the financial bill. The session will continue for 23 days and will conclude on 5th July.

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