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Kerala shocker! Mother’s lover smashes 7-year-old boy’s head on ground

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Thodupuzha: In a shocking incident in Thodupuzha in Kerala’s Idukki district, the police have registered an attempt to murder case against a man, who brutally beat up two boys.

The elder of the two boys, a seven-year-old, who was alleged swung by his leg and smashed on the ground by his mother’s partner, is battling for life following an emergency surgery.

His lungs were also damaged and he is surviving on life supportive systems at the Kolenchery medical college.

The boy’s younger brother, who is just 4 years, lost a tooth in the attack by the youth at their home at Kumaramangalam near Thodupuzha.

The culprit is reportedly a relative of the father of the boys. He started living with the women and children after her husband died seven months ago.

The assailant, who is a Thiruvananthapuram native, is in police custody. He is being interrogated and a case will be registered as requested by Idukki District Child Welfare Committee, said DySP K P Jose.

The matter came to light as Child Helpline authorities in Ernakulam and Idukki received message on the attack on Thursday morning.

A doctor had informed the Helpline after he found cuts and bruises on the boy’s body.

A team from Idukki wing of the Helpline reached the house with police and gathered information from the younger child.

The younger boy gave a statement to the child welfare committee saying the man hit his brother with a stick and smacked him on the head. The man then grabbed the legs and smashed him on the floor.

It was he who wiped the blood off his brother’s head after the attack, Child Welfare Committee Chairman Dr Joseph Augustine and committee members were told.

The committee took the younger child to a relative’s house to ensure his safety.

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