Media co-ordination committee starts to function under the leadership of Palode Ravi

Thiruvananthapuram: As the elections are approaching, so as to make use of the media which is a Congress agenda, a Media co-ordination committee has been started under the leadership of former MLA and Deputy Speaker Palode Ravi.

The committee will function in three levels namely- Parliament related local news, District –State news and National news. Since the three level news has its own importance, different subcommittees has been assigned the charge. Special workshops will be conducted to find out the committee members.

The proposal of the workshop will be finalized on 19th after holding a meeting with KPCC President and senior leaders.

Palode Ravi was chosen for the position considering his phenomenal contributions to the party while he was on various posts such as MLA, Deputy Speaker.

Ravi entered politics through Kerala Students Union.

In his political career he served with many reputed posts such as General Secretary of Kerala Students Union District Committee, President, Kerala Students Union, District Committee, Youth Congress, District Committee and Indian National Trade Union Congress, General Secretary of Indo-Russian Friendship Society, Kerala, Trivandrum District Congress Committee, Member of Executive Committee, Rubber Board, Plantation Labour Committee, Handloom Development Corporation President, Sree Chithira Thirunal Smaraka Samithi, General Secretary of P N Panickar Foundation and Member of Governing Body of State & National Literacy Mission, Executive Committee of Rajaram Mohan Roy Library Foundation, Grandhasala Sangham, Vyloppilli Samskriti Bhavan, Sahithya Academy.

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