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Women visited Sabarimala till 1991, claims CM Pinarayi

Thiruvananthapuram: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, criticising the row over women entry into Sabarimala temple, claimed that women used to visit Sabarimala temple during the first Pooja of every month till 1991. He was addressing a workshop here on Sunday.

“Sabarimala protest was led by those who uphold casteism. Even those who supported the Supreme Court verdict allowing entry to women of all ages to Sabarimala, changed their stand when the higher caste people joined the protest,” said CM.

He criticised that protest of BJP over Sabarimala issue was a complete failure. He alleged that planned attempts are being made to hide the facts related to women entry in Sabarimala.

“In 1991, the High Court Judge consciously made an order banning entry of women into Sabarimala. The custom of prohibiting women of menstruating age came into force from 1991. I am surprise on how this became a temple custom which only came into force in 1991. The supreme court also observed that the custom is against constitution,” said Chief Minister.

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