Boney Kapoor sents legal notice on Priya Varrier’s debut Sridevi Bungalow

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New Delhi: On Monday Priya Prakash Varrier’s Bollywood debut Sridevi Bungalow’s first trailer was dropped by the makers, and unfortunately, within hours of its release, the film has found itself in troubled waters.

In the trailer, Priya is seen playing the role of an actress by the name of Sridevi, who appears to be very lonely. The end of the teaser has a shot of bathtub with a woman’s feet hanging out of it lifelessly. The scene is eerily similar to that of Sridevi’s death last year since the legendary actress passed away due to accidental drowning in a bathtub during her stay in Dubai’s Jumeirah hotel.

Minutes after the trailer was unveiled, the makers started to face the flak by the audience who felt that the film is a mockery of late superstar Sridevi’s life.

While the makers have been maintaining the statement that it doesn’t have any relation to the legendary superstar. Even a layman will be able to derive the similarities in-between these two stories.

However, this extremely insensitive portrayal has brought Boney Kapoor, husband of late Sridevi, to take legal action against the makers of Sridevi Bunglow.

Moreover, while interacting with the media, Priya on being asked about her role and its relation to Legendary Sridevi, she replied, “You have to watch the film and decide if its a story related to her not.” Talking about her role she further said, “I will be playing the role of lady superstar Sridevi in the film.”

In an interaction, the Director Prashant Mambully states, “I cannot talk about the film,” the director told a leading portal. “That is something you will know when the film is released. Sridevi is a character, an actress, in my film.”

Watch the trailer of the film here,


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