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After Nambi Narayanan, now Fousiya Hassan demands compensation in ISRO espionage case

Kozhikode: Fousiya Hassan who was accused along with Mariam Rasheeda as spy women in ISRO espionage case has come out demanding compensation just like Nambi Narayanan and said that she will approach the court.

Fousiya told media in Kozhikode that her daughter’s education was disrupted due to the spy case and stated that she deserves compensation as the case was proved to be fabricated. She added that she was subjected to cruel questioning from people including Kerala police.

It is learned that Fousiya has appointed advocate Prasad Gandhi to appear at the court seeking compensation.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had ordered to award Rs 50 lakh compensation to Nambi Narayanan for being subjected to harassment in ISRO espionage case. It had said that Nambi Narayanan was unnecessarily arrested, harassed and subjected to mental cruelty in ISRO spy case.

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