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Six-member team of young women to trek Sabarimala

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Kochi: According to latest reports, a six-member team of young women have reached Kochi on Monday morning for a pilgrimage trip to Sabarimala.

The women learned to have come from Malabar, reached Kochi by train at around 4’o clock in the morning.

At present they are reportedly kept at a secret place here. It is hinted that the women are from two districts in north Kerala.

However, police have no clue whether they are part of any organisation. Special branch of police have collected details of the women.

Sources reveal that police will help them to have darshan if they arrive at Nilakkal.

Police took a stand that the women should arrive at Nilakkal at their own risk.

Upholding the supreme court verdict allowing entry for all women into Sabarimala, many women started trekking to the hill shrine. But they were forced to leave amid mounting protests.

No women were allowed to enter the shrine by the protesters when the temple door opened for Makara- Mandalavilakku festival.

Meanwhile, it is reported that over 900 women have submitted online application for darshan.

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