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Two more women try to ascend Sabarimala

Pamba: On Sunday morning after two women from Andhra Pradesh tried to ascend the shrine with a team of pilgrims. They were forced to return from the hills following this the protest continued at Sannidhanam and Pamba.

The duo were forced to return from the hills following the intense protest and are identified as Andhra Pradesh natives Vasanthi and Aadhiseshan aged 41 and 42 respectively.

They were blocked by the devotees when they crossed Chelikuzhi area and asked them to descend the hills. Suspecting the age of the two women, devotees demanded their aadhaar card and it was found that they were below 50 years.Knowing about this, the devotees protested by lying on the path and chanting Ayappa mantras.

Later, police shifted the women to the guard room.

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