Actresses should apologize to A.M.M.A, demands KPAC Lalitha

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Kochi: Speaking about the actresses allegations against A.M.M.A, veteran actress KPAC Lalitha, said the controversies are mostly blown out of proportion.

Lalitha said that those who resigned from A.M.M.A should apologise to the association.

‘Issues could have been resolved if it was discussed within the association meeting. We should not let others to ridicule us just because we discuss the problems publicly,’ the veteran actress said.

“Earlier, we did not have a platform to respond against the inequalities and injustices against women in cinema. Now the women have all the facilities to respond and react against discriminations,” she said.

Lalitha added that A.M.M.A is an association that has no male-female difference. She was responding to the allegations raised by the WCC members about the stand taken by A.M.M.A in the actress attack case.

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