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Now, Revathy takes a ‘u-turn’ to what she said yesterday in the press conference about a 17-year-old girl being sexually harassed

Thiruvananthapuram: Actor and director Revathy has come up with a clarification to the revelation she made about a 17-year-old girl at a press meet at Ernakulam yesterday which lashed out heavily at A.M.M.A and its president Mohanlal for not taking any action against the accused Dileep in the actress attack case.

Revathy had stated in the press meet that a 17 year-old girl had come knocking on her doorstep for help in a context that the under aged was in danger and was subjected to an assault. But taking a u turn in order to put a full stop to further rumours, she clarified today that the girl wasn’t sexually assaulted.

The actor and flag bearer of the WCC elucidated that the girl approached her at midnight as she was scared when someone knocked on her door.

Revathy said she had mentioned about the instance that happened 26 years back only to show the insecurity that prevails in the film field. She added that the incident is significant even now and hence she has shared it at the press meet.

In the meanwhile Revathy also accused that some people are trying to substantiate that the incident took place one and a half year ago.

“This is not true. I was afraid to talk openly about this 26 years back and that was the reason why i didn’t reveal this at that time,” she said.

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