Bottled water sold in Kerala still at Rs 20 instead of Rs 13; Here’s the surprising reason why

Thiruvananthapuram: Though a decision was announced by the Kerala Bottled Water Manufacturers Association to reduce the price of packaged water to Rs 13 from Rs 20 in the state, it seems that all remain on paper only.

It was said that the reduction will come into force from April 2, but was not implemented due to the disagreement from one group in the association and as the multinational corporates refused to cut down the price. Following which the small scale vendors were put in crisis and were compelled to sell the bottles at the old price.

The association had demanded that the price of bottled water which is sold for Rs 20 in shops should be reduced to Rs 12. The government intervened and issued an ordinance to fix the price at Rs 13.

In Kerala, 154 companies have the license to manufacture and distribute bottled drinking water.

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