Superstar Rajinikanth backs Modi’s ‘One India, One Election’ proposal

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Chennai: Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Sunday extended support to the central government’s proposal to conduct simultaneous elections across the country even as major political parties in Tamil Nadu are opposed to it.

Speaking to reporters here, Rajinikanth said ‘One India, One Election’ is a good idea as it would save time and money of political parties. He also said a decision on contesting in the general elections will be taken later.

Rajinikanth had earlier said his party would contest in the next assembly elections.

Asked about the proposed Chennai-Salem eight lane expressway, Rajinikanth said such projects would bring in industrial investments.

However, he said, the government should see that only minimum farm land is acquired for the project and the land owners are compensated to the extent that they feel happy.

The actor when asked about Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah’s statement that there is a lot of corruption in Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth ducked the question and said: “It is Shah’s views and the media should ask him.”

According to Rajinikanth, the state government could bring in bigger projects. He also gave a good performance certificate to Tamil Nadu school education minister K A Sengottaiyan.

He said compared to other states in the country, the education system in Tamil Nadu is far better.

Prime minister Narendra Modi has been pitching for simultaneous polls to Parliament and state assemblies for long, saying that it would save a lot of time and money.

The Law Commission is also preparing a report on the proposal. While the ruling the BJP and its allies have supported the move, opposition parties have objected to the proposal which they term ‘impractical’.


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