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Mohanlal’s stocks have definitely fallen, says Josephine over the decision to reinstate accused actor Dileep into A.M.M.A

Kochi: Superstar Mohanlal, who leads the Association of Malayalam Movie Artistes (A.M.M.A), came under fire from the Kerala Women’s Commission on Thursday over the decision to reinstate accused actor Dileep into the artistes’ body.

Dileep is an accused in the February 2017 actress kidnapping case which took place in Kochi, that landed him in a Kerala jail for 85 days.

Breathing fire on Mohanlal, Commission Chairperson M C Josephine reminded that A.M.M.A’s Sunday decision led by the superstar was flawed. “No doubt, Mohanlal’s stocks have definitely fallen,” said Josephine to the media.

This was the first decision taken by the new committee under Mohanlal.

Her statement came a day after four leading actresses, including the kidnap victim, resigned from A.M.M.A.

“After this decision, the name of the organisation A.M.M.A (mother) does not suit it anymore. The ruling Left government and the CPI-M party should look into this,” added Josephine.

Dileep’s reinstatment has become the centre of a row following the newly formed Women in Cinema Collective’s (WCC) Facebook post on Monday and the subsequent resignation by four leading actresses from A.M.M.A on Wednesday.

Even, Kerala Fisheries Minister J Mercykutty on Thursday expressed surprise in the manner in which A.M.M.A had revoked Dileep’s suspension.

“It should not be forgotten that actors are icons and they should be perfect role models, but this decision that they took is baffling and not tenable.

“It’s surprising that the two legislators — Mukesh of the CPI-M and K B Ganesh Kumar, supporting the ruling Left government — were also party to the decision,” said Mercykutty .

PWD Minister G Sudhakaran said that he never had a good opinion about Dileep. “He is an arrogant person. I fully support the four actress who quit A.M.M.A, as none with any self respect can continue in the same organisation,” said Sudhakaran.

Everyone is now awaiting superstar Mammootty’s decision. It was Mammootty, who had announced the decision to remove Dileep from A.M.M.A to the media, then.

However, Mammootty for the first time in several years, is not an office bearer anymore.


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