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Nipah virus claims 10 more lives

Kozhikode: The National Institute of Virology(NIV) in Pune has confirmed Nipah virus infection in 12 samples among the 18 sent for tests. In this, 10 persons have already died and 2 are reported to be critical.

It has become clear that those who died due to fever in Malappuram the other day were also infected with Nipah virus.

Lini, 31, a nurse at the Perambra Taluk Hospital in Kozhikode, who died Sunday night, was also infected with Nipah virus.

The results of the samples sent to National Institute of Virology in Pune has been released now.

Two more persons died due to suspected Nipah virus infection on Tuesday. Nadapuram native Ashokan and Rajan from Perambra died on Tuesday morning due to suspected Nipah virus. It is yet to be confirmed whether their deaths were due to Nipah virus.

Eight more people are being treated with similar symptoms of the virus in Kozhikode and neighbouring Malappuram.

Considering the seriousness of the situation, a team from AIIMS will reach Kozhikode today.

Five more people have died due to high fever and similar symptoms of the virus in Kozhikode and neighbouring Malappuram districts.

But it has not yet been confirmed if these deaths were due to Nipah, health department sources said.

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