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Biennale Music: Singers lures the audience with songs from 90’s

Kochi: For Muhammed Afsal and Smitha Francis, participating in the ‘Arts and Medicine’ programme has been overdue for quite a long time. And finally, when they sang, it was a moment to cherish.

“Many from the audience came and appreciated us. We sang those beautiful songs from the 90’s and they were happy with the selection of our songs,” said MuhammedAfsal who was one of the two lead singers who sang on Wednesday at the Government General hospital, Ernakulam. Afsal has been singing for the past 12 years in various stages in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Australia.

‘Arts and Medicine’ programme, a weekly music concert organised by Kochi Biennale Foundation (KBF) which entered its 214th episode on Wednesday is a joint initiative of KBF and Mehboob Memorial Orchestra. It is sponsored by CAFS (Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services).

“As Afsal said, it was owing to certain inconveniences from our part that we could not take part in the programme till now. Now, we are happy that we did not delay it any longer,” said Smitha Francis, one of the other singers.She has been singing for the last 20 years. As part of her singing career, she has been to UK, Canada, Baharain, UAE.She has participated in almost every music troupes in Ernakulam.

Abdul Salam, another singer who was in the Gulf for the last three decades has started nurturing his passion for singing once he came back to Kerala. Since then, he has never let go off such opportunities and eventually, became a part of this team and sang for a good cause at the hospital.

They have sung 13 songs which included songs such as ‘Hai mere humsafar’, ‘ Dekha hai pehli baar’, ‘ Sason ki zaroorat’, ‘ Mere sanam mujko’

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