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Finally controversial film ‘S*** Durga’ to hit screens today

Thiruvananthapuram: Director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan’s film S Durga, which was in the eye of the storm during the International Film Festival of India and International Film Festival of Kerala last year, is gearing up for the release today.

The film was in buzz ever since its title courted controversy and had to be changed from ‘Sexy Durga’ to ‘S Durga’.

Breaking conventions, the makers are trying a new model of film distribution this time. The movie will be distributed through groups of film enthusiasts in various regions of Kerala. Ten per cent of theatre earnings will be shared with those regional groups.

“It feels like our dreams have come true when our film is finally hitting the big screen. Rather than excitement I have a feeling of immense happiness and satisfaction, as for our hardships have been acknowledged and rewarded,” says Kannan Nayar who played the lead role in the film.

Film societies, film clubs in colleges or arts and cultural organisations can be distributors of the film.

Nayar who is a familiar face in the city, especially for the Manaveeyam Veedhi commuters, was seen sticking the film’s poster on the previous day of the release and he shares with us the experience.

“My mother always wanted to see a film’s poster having my face on it and this time, yeah I made it…Durga is one big bunch of bitter-sweet experience. We had left no stone unturned for the movie’s release. And to have stuck a poster having my own face was one such great experience,” said a delighted Kannan to Evartha.

Besides pasting posters of the film on walls and publicising his film by distributing pamphlets about S Durga at colleges, buses and other public areas, Kannan and his friends also took a bike rally from Manaveeyam Veedhi to various parts of the city yesterday on a note to promote the Sanal Kumar Sasidharan directorial flick.

The charges of theatre operations and poster and publicity expenses are borne by Niv Art Movies, producers of the film.

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