Fire and Safety tips during winter

By the decrease of temperature, many of use electric heaters or wood or coal for heating purposes, which may lead to fire breakout because of negligence towards the safety procedures.

With the aim of raising awareness among our communities and minimizing the fire accidents during winter, herewith, we would like to present you some safety tips and requirements.

Electricity and Heaters

  1. When you purchase a heater, please choose one with good quality and make sure the quality of its electric fittings.
  2. Place the heater close to the nearest socket that is adequate to the current of the heater and don’t connect it with a single socket using an extension cable or other power stripes with multi heaters or any other devices.
  3. Please avoid overloading of the heater than its capacity.
  4. Do not place the heaters in the corridors, near quick flammable materials or at easy reach of the children.
  5. Do not leave the heater switched on when you go to sleep.

Safety during the Camping Trips

During the camping trips, setting on fire inside the tent or the mobile accommodation unit for the purpose of heating is one of the reasons of fire incidents if we are not cautious enough. For this reasons, we would like to advise you on the followings:-

  1. Don’t leave the source of fire turned on while sleeping in the tent.
  2. When you set the wood on fire, please take all necessary fire prevention measures.
  3. Please be keen always to ensure the presence of a working fire extinguisher.
  4. When using a gas heater, please be extra cautious, as it is more dangerous, because any defect to it or in its wires and fittings may result in suffocation because of gas leakage or carbon dioxide.
  5. Please choose a proper place for stove, away from the tent, generator and petroleum liquids and away from the wind so as not to put out the fire or not to transfer it to another place.
  6. Please keep the fuel used for operating electric machine in a tightly sealed container and out of the reach of children.

Risks of using Wood or Coal in Heating

Due to low temperature during winter, many people resort to use wood or coal for heating purposes in houses or tents which cause the emission of toxic carbon monoxide resulting in suffocation and poisoning.

The burning of wood or coal in closed places without proper ventilation will lead to concentration of carbon monoxide and dioxide, risking the life of the people there with suffocation or permanent brain damage or even death.

In order to avoid cases of death or suffocation,

  1. Please avoid setting fire on wood or coal in indoor areas. Instead, substitute it with other approved heating devices.
  2. Please obey the safety instructions, In case of suspicion of any symptoms, please leave the place immediately and go out to the open area. Hurry up to call to the emergency number for help.
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