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I had been a Hindu extremist; but through Golwalkar I reached Gandhi: Rahul Easwar opens up with Evartha

Activist and TV personality Rahul Easwar has reportedly received death threats from some Hindu organizations for visiting Hadiya’s home and for having met PDP leader Abdul Nasser Madani during the latter’s recent visit to Kerala. Rahul also accuses them (Hindu organizations) of unleashing cow belt politics to spurt religious tension. Amid the rising hullabaloo, Rahul Easwar speaks his mind with Evartha.

Cow and the attacks on its name

Mohammad Akhlaq

Rahul says extreme Hindu outfits utilise cow as a tool to unite Hindu among themselves and he cites the incident of Mohammad Akhlaq’s lynching as a prime instance.

“The so called extreme Hindutva (an ideology seeking to establish the supremacy of Hindus and the Hindu way of life) followers who had come to lynch Akhlaq had gathered their men by making a loud speaker announcement through one of the temple priest nearby.

“Here we have two questions, 1st, how did they determine whether it was mutton or cow meat in his fridge? 2nd, if not mutton, did they saw him slaughtering the cow? Therefore cow is becoming a means of sentimental harassment. This was the same thing that was instigated by Mangal Pandey during the first war of independence.Do you know what the reason behind this is? There is nothing to keep the Hindu community united and these are the tricks they use for the shortcuts,” says Easwar.

“Sartaj,(son of Mohammed Akhlaq) who said “Saare Jahaanse Accha, Hindustan Hamara” in a debate show in NDTV even when he was left traumatized by his father’s brutal death, is my hero. This is the patriotism of Indian Muslims, Brahmanical-Hindus won’t understand that.”

“Sartaj, (son of Mohammed Akhlaq) who said “Saare Jahaan se Accha, Hindustan Hamara” in a debate show in NDTV even when he was left traumatized of his father’s brutal death, is my hero. This is the patriotism of Indian Muslims, Brahmanical-Hindus won’t understand that.”

Rahul continues…

Rahul cite these as the reason behind Golwalkar utilizing and raising cow as an emotive among Hindus:

“Verghese Kurien, a Keralite who is known as the Father of the White Revolution in India, has narrated a conversation between him and the then RSS Sanghchalak Golwalkar in his autobiography. Back in 1960’s Golwalkar started a petition to ban cow slaughter and had collected a million signatures for this to submit to the President. In connection with this work, he reached a village in UP where he saw in one house, a woman, who had fed and sent off her husband to work and her two children to school, took this petition and went from house to house to collect signatures in the blazing summer sun.

“Golwalkar realized that the woman was actually doing it for her cow, which was her bread and butter, and then he realized how much potential the cow has. To have learned this he decided to use cow as strong and vital tool to spread Hindutva.”

Easwar also accuses that cow is being used to spread hatred and communalism among people in Kerala by the extreme right faction of Hindu organizations.

Uniform civil code and Muslims

“Uniform civil code is the main agenda of the BJP. Congress and the CPM are on a stand to implement the Uniform civil code with mutual indulgence. People like Owaisi say that this will destroy the country’s uniformity. But RSS’s spiritual leader Guruji Golwalkar says that the nation needs harmony that the uniform civil code may bring and not the uniformity.”

“In 1972, in an interview with the RSS mouth-piece ‘Organiser’ Golwalkar had said that uniform civil code is not necessary for the country. Golwalkar also quotes in this interview that people who bat for the uniform civil code are the ones who misunderstood that the rise in Muslim population is due to polygamy practised by them..

Rahul continues…

M S Golwalkar

“Golwalkar also depicted in this interview that demanding for a uniform civil code pointing the Muslims like this is a negative approach. According to Rahul Easwar, the extreme Hindu organizations create ruckus out of no reason since they are left with no other alternative.

“In my all speeches, I direct that likewise, the Muslims gather on Fridays and the Christians on Sundays, it would be good if Hindus could gather on Saturdays and share spirituality among themselves. Rather than doing positive things like this if one infuses hatred, it will only cause harm to the society.

“A study in Harvard University suggests that people who get themselves engaged in spiritual activities once in a week are probably less to fall a prey to suicides and other mental stresses. Also it was found that their way of living improved. It was revealed in a survey conducted upon 90000 nurses. The researchers found that those who went to church or other worship places weekly on a regular base had 1/6th lower the risk of suicidal deaths. When it comes to Hindus, the number or suicides and divorces are high in Kerala, “says Rahul.

According to Easwar, Gandhiji portrayed the three colours of the national flag as majority Hindus (saffron), majority Muslims (green), Christians and other minority (White). But this identity politics was concealed by Nehru through a left secular point of view, and this is the reason behind the present existing problems, says Rahul.

“Once a leader of extreme Hindu outfit in Karnataka told me, ‘Why don’t we annex the Mosque of Vavar (situated inside Sabarimala temple) and install a Ganesh idol there?’ I asked him why…don’t we have other places to install it? People like these should be lead on a path of moderation,” said Rahul.

Why don’t the extreme Hindu outfits accept Vavar?

If they say that Vavar was a Muslim and had helped Hindus, their agenda of Muslim isolation cannot be carried out.

Rahul says he visited Hadiya’s house because he wanted to understand both sides of the issue and wanted everyone to listen to both of their arguments. But some have used it as a campaign against Kerala, accuses Rahul.

“What VHP leader Indira Tiwari has said in Republic channel can never be accepted. She must be crazy, coming into a national channel and saying that there should be a surgical strike on Kerala. I have respect for the organization RSS. But Meerut Hindu Maha Sabha’s and Abhinav Bharat’s stands are not beneficial for the nation. Their stand needs to be scrutinized well,” says Rahul.

Rahul says that though he had been a Hindu extremist initially, now he is moderate Hindu. Golwalkar who transformed to the path of Gandhiji is his role model, he says. He who was born of a Brahmin background grew up hearing the narratives opposing the caste based reservations prevailing in India. But later, he realized that caste based reservation is a necessity to the society, he says.

Rahul Easwar, who is often referred as the spokesman for the Hindu nationalist politics, with his new stands have certainly added fuel to new controversies.

(This interview was done by Evartha Delhi Correspondent Sudheesh Sudhakar) 

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