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Pulikali to be held at Swaraj Round, Thrissur next month

With Onam right around the corner, the Malayalees in different parts of the world is preparing for the 10-day festival. In regard with this, exuberant performance called the ‘Pulikali’ which forms an integral part of the Onam festivities will be held next month at the Swaraj Round in Thrissur.

The ‘pulis’ as the dancers are called (puli means tiger in local parlance), capers about and dances to the frenetic notes of the Kerala percussion music.

The artists go through the laborious task of getting their bodies painted in myriad patterns and colours resembling a tiger. Sometimes the artists may even take liberties regarding the colours and might even paint the facial features of a lion on their bodies.

The theme of the performance involves playing hide-and-seek with a hunter who is wielding a gun.

A grand spectacle which has become synonymous with the Onam festival in Kerala, Pulikali is an event that should not be given a miss.

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