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Do you really know Shilpi Tewari who received Modi’s stole is? Our findings will shock you!

Shilpi Tewari who received Modi’s stoleNew Delhi: ‘Young woman’s tweet receives reward from munificent Prime Minister,’ this was the headline that was doing rounds in social media and many other medias few days back when Prime Minister Narendra Modi what is to be believed in a rare gesture gifted his striking peacock blue-green-coloured stole that had Lord Shiva’s face on it which he wore in an event on the occasion of Maha Shivratri in Coimbatore.

Twitter user Shilpi Tewari had asked for Modi’s stole on Twitter, to which the prime minister responded rapidly and had sent her the stole she demanded for. This was much acclaimed by the BJP and Modi enthusiasts around the world saying that he has set an example for how generous a leader should be. But the mere fact lying behind the story was shocking when we enquired about the whereabouts of Tewari.

We have found that Shilpi is a close aide to former Union Human Resource minister and the current Textile minister Smriti Irani. The later had played a major role and was also the campaign manager in the previous Lok Sabha election in Amethi where Irani had contested against Rahul Gandhi.

It is the very same Shilpi Tewari who was allegedly behind the circulation of one of the ‘doctored’ JNU video which shows student leader Kanhaiya Kumar shouting anti-national and seditious slogans.


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The video shared by Shilpi online had discrepancies in the lip sync as the audio and video streams were from different sources and was merged with an intention to make these recordings appear as representations of true events.

Following the outburst of the reality, there was massive outrage on Twitter with Shilpi reportedly deactivating her account temporarily. Though her account was back online, she had not tweeted since February 27 last year.

Not just these, what had also come to light was that qualification requirements were allegedly relaxed to have Tewari appointed as a consultant by the HRD Ministry at a fee of Rs 35,000 per month.

Also top most leaders and who’s who of the BJP including the prime minister himself is following Shilpi on twitter.

Now with all these happenings, it is hard to assimilate that Modi’s haphazardly gift to Shilpi Tewari is merely a coincident.


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