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16-year-old girl’s rape: Mananthavady bishop tenders apology

Kottiyoor: Mananthavady bishop Jose Porunnedam has tendered an apology to the family of the victim who was allegedly subjected to rape by Parish vicar Fr Robin Vadakkancheril from Kannur.

The bishop’s apology comes in the wake of Robin Vadakkancheril’s arrest for raping a 16-year-old girl and impregnating her in Kottiyoor.

After the incident, Robin Vadakkanchery was taken into custody when he was reportedly getting ready to slip out of the country.

The minor had delivered a baby at a private hospital the other day.

Mananthavady bishop Jose Porunnedom removed Vadakkancheril from the office of the vicar of the parish as per the Canon law. The priest was also suspended from his priestly duties, according to a release from the Bishop.

“I endure your pain and agony and I’m also completely in pain. We are destined to spend this fasting time of the year this way,” the Bishop said.

“The loss of self respect and spiritual damage caused to the church by this incident is huge. I’m at a loss on how I will try to pacify the child’s parents. I too join in their tears. I can only apologise to you,” the Bishop ends the letter.

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