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Actress Lakshmi Priya opens up her mind on the recent controversy with a director

Thiruvananthapuram:  Actress Lakshmi Priya who is known for both her comic and character roles in the Malayalam film industry was recently dragged into a controversy on a serial’s set.

Lakshmi was acting in a humor oriented serial aired on Asianet Plus named “Aluvayum Mathikkariyum” which is being directed by noted director Prasad Nooranad.

Here’s what the actress has to say about the incident.

“As all of you would know that I have become a mother after a long 13 year’s wait and my child was born to me as a premature baby. On the day of the incident, my little one went ill and when I approached the serial’s director Prasad for arranging my transportation back home, I was left traumatized with the latter’s response.

Lakshmi Priya with her seven and a half months old daughter

The shoot was in a remote area and it was near to midnight. I was left with no choice rather wait for the pack up though my part of the portion was already shot.”

The actress even expressed her distress that Nooranad had yelled at her to get out of the location.

“I signed the project after Prasad continuously approached me and I had committed it knowing the limitations of the production. Even after adjusting to the circumstances, the way he dealt with me was unacceptable. He literally said on my face to get out of the set in front of the whole crew” said an agitated Lakshmi to Evartha.

Asked when whether she would proceed with a liable complaint against the director Priya said, “I will be forced to do so if the hullabaloo goes on.”

Though Evartha tried to contact Nooranad he wasn’t available for a comment.

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