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Jisha murder case; Assam native confessed to killing, police yet to confirm

JISHA PERUMBAVOORKochi: In a major breakthrough in the sensational Jisha murder case, an Assam native has reportedly confessed to killing of the law student at her house near Perumbavoor on April 28.

The police are questioning the youngster at an undisclosed location but do not want to announce the detention before they corroborate his confession with scientific evidence. He was detained from Kochi.

The team is under strict directions to keep his whereabouts under wraps until they get hold of the results of his DNA test.

The investigation team made the major breakthrough by following a lead on the man who accompanied the law student when she went to a photo studio after March 15. The police never got a copy of the latest photo from the victim’s house.

The police are puzzled by the fact that Jisha’s mother Rajeswari did not know the man even though he was close to the girl.

Though circumstantial evidences put the suspect in the dock, the police do not want any more setbacks in the case that has grabbed national headlines. A footwear shop owner has identified the man who bought a black sandal from him.

Two police teams which were sent to the NorthEast to track two suspects in the case have been recalled.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports suggested that Jisha was killed by more than one man.

The law student was allegedly subjected to rape and brutal assault using sharp-edged weapons before being murdered on April 28. She was found dead in a pool of blood at her one-room home at 8.00pm on the same day, by her mother when she returned from work.

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