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Meet 6-yrs old lil-chef Kicha who is in the limelight for his own YouTube channel ‘Kichatube’

kichaaThiruvananthapuram: For many of us earning a few bucks through online may be a reverie, but for Nihal Raj aka Kicha who has just stepped into his sixth year of age after being a toddler, is as easy as that, thanks to his advertising professional father and his mother, a home-baker in the kitchen.

What brought little Kicha to the public eye was his YouTube channel called ‘Kichatube’ where he exhibits his cooking skills. Again how he becomes exceptional is that, for children of his age who would be grappling with alphabets, Kicha has a good acquaintance about the online world, tech deeds and of course cooking recipes.

He has earned a whooping amount of US $ 2000(around 1.5Lac Rupees) from a casting company of Facebook for acquiring rights for the ‘Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream’ video that was uploaded on the Kichatube channel.

The channel was started in January 2015 and only 12-odd videos had been uploaded. And then, last week everything changed when Kicha’s father Rajagopal V Krishnan got a mail from a US-based company enquiring about the ‘Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream’ video.

“To my astonishment I received a mail from a casting company for Facebook, asking whether we could give them the rights for Kicha’s video,” Rajagopal told to Evartha.

Although Facebook has acquired the rights, they are non-exclusive, allowing Kichatube continued use of the video.

The first video uploaded onto the channel was the making of Popsicle. As Kicha set down to work Rajagopal would shoot it randomly using his mobile camera and have it uploaded on the Youtube channel, Kichatube.

If you ask Nihal about what would he do with the money that he has earned, he says with a charming smile that, “I have asked papa to start a paytm account for me, using which I would be able to do shopping for myself.”

Kicha has an elder sister too who is pursuing her studies.

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