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Govt schools in Kerala to have tablet libraries soon

PJ-BW489_PTECH_P_20140812124826Thiruvananthapuram: First of its kind in the whole country and deviating from the conventional one, all government-run high schools in Kerala will soon have a tablet library.

The project’s first phase would be initiated by February 1. [email protected] is in charge of the programme.

“As part of the project’s first phase, as much as 4 lakh tablets will be procured in January with an estimated cost of Rs 7.8 crore and will be set in motion by February 1,” [email protected] Executive Director K P Noufal told to Evartha.

The tablets would contain all the references and study materials that one can find in a normal library. As an initial step the facility will be made available to the high school level (1 std-10thstd) in all the government run schools.

“We are really proud to introduce such a revolutionary scheme in our educational system and we are pretty much sure that our students will yield great benefits out of this,” said Noufal.

Asked about the misuses of the devices that may transpire, the Executive Director said, “The device will be hardware blocked and will not have cameras, WiFi and Bluetooth. They will not even have slots to plug in pen drives, barring the transfer of any data from or to the tablet. Students will only be able to read whatever has been stored in it,” he added.

The contract to supply tablets has been granted to Intel Corporation. The department plans to make accessible at least one tablet for ten students.

“The devices will be distributed in schools in a proportion of one tablet each for ten students and will be prioritized with the overall demeanor of the school,” Noufal said.

The tablet which is priced at Rs 16,000 each, have a market price of Rs 22,000.

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