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Poor performance, the reason for the party’s defeat in LB polls: Chennithala to high command

16TH_SONIA_G6B8_16_1758273eNew Delhi: Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala has reportedly wrote a letter to Congress chief Sonia Gandhi, stating that the government’s poor performance was the reason for the party’s defeat in the local body polls.

“The corruption is rampant in the state and the chief minister’s image has been spoiled,” Chennithala said in the confidential letter, which surfaced in a national daily today.

The letter also says that the BJP became strong after the local body polls and the Hindu community started to support BJP.

“The BJP has become a force after this local body election. In Trivandrum Corporation, BJP has come second to Left. They also opened account in most of the municipalities and gram panchayats,” Chennithala substantiated.

The Nair community which had been a strong supporter of Congress shifted its loyalties to BJP and the LDF. The Ezhava community has publicly announced its support to BJP. Chennithala also alleges that the government’s appeasement of minorities is the cause of Hindu community distancing itself from UDF.

Abuse of power and favouritism also alienated the people from Congress and UDF. The letter further says that the party was not ready for the local body polls and it did not take any measures for reaching a compromise with the rebels.

Chennithala warns the central leadership that if strong remedial measures are not taken, the party will face a major setback in the assembly elections and that superficial measures alone will not be sufficient.

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