20th IFFK: Special section for 3D films to add extra dimension to IFFK 2015

Wolf Totem, Love and Everything will be fine to redefine the scope of 3D experience

IFFK 2015Thiruvananthapuram, Dec 4: The upcoming 20th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) will have an exclusive section for 3D films, which will open up a new world of experience for film buffs as some movies in the section have used the technology for absorbing the intricacies of human mind.

Six movies have been included in 3D category of which ‘Life of Pi’ and ‘The Martian’ (Director: Ridley Scott) have already been released in Kerala for public viewing. Except ‘Pan’, which is an expedition into a fantasy world called ‘Never Land’ by an orphan, the other three movies in this section offer the viewers an alternative perspective on how the third dimension works for realistic themes.

The opening movie for this year’s festival ‘Wolf Totem’, a Sino-Gallic co produced venture by director Jean Jacques Annaud, is an ecstatic 3D visual voyage into the mystique depths of nature and it’s universal codes.Set in the backdrop of life in a Chinese province during 1967, the plot revolves around a protagonist named Chen Zhen, a young student from Beijing, who was sent to Inner Mongolia to teach a nomadic tribe of shepherds.

Chen, instead of being the tutor, becomes a student himself when exposed to the boundless wilderness of nature, where he learns from the shepherd tribe about community, freedom and responsibility, and about the most feared and revered creature of the steppes – the wolf.

Seduced by the untamed beauty of a wolf, its cunning nature and relationship with the tribe, Chan adopts and try to domesticate a wolf cub. The film has beautifully captured the characteristics of wolves and their survival techniques in adaptation with nature in 3D technology. The film gets a realistic political edge to it, when a central government officer decides to eliminate all wolves from the region, which comes as an authoritarian interference into the spiritual bondage between man , nature and its beings.

Jean-Jacques Annaud, known worldwide for his movies ‘ Seven Years In Tibet’, ‘The Bear and Two Brothers’, has now returned with the ‘Wolf Totem’, a movie expressing concerns over man’s dictatorial attitude towards nature.

‘Love’, a French movie directed by Gasper Noe, will be a counter-culture experience in 3D effect. The movie, that dives deep into a couple’s hysteric version of love, trails through the disturbing memories of a young man named Murphy as he relapses into his intimate relationship with girlfriend Electra.

Apart from the raw depiction of a couple’s personal life thwarted with drug abuse, emotional outbursts and estranged bed room fantasies , the movie also captures moments of tranquil connection between Murphy and Electra amidst their chaotic love life.

Featured in all major film festivals around the globe including Cannes, Toronto and Melbourne festivals, ‘Love’ has also made its presence felt in the recently concluded International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa.

By employing the 3D technology for a intricate drama movie like ‘Everything will be fine’, which is devoid of special effects and spectacular action sequences, master director Wim Wenders has proved that 3D is not just for dramatizing our visual experience.

Set on serene winter landscapes, Wim cast his camera upon an author named Tomas, focusing closely on the aftermath of a road accident involving Tomas and two brothers. Christopher, the elder of the two, manages to escape from the accident but was devastated on seeing his younger brother die, so was their mother Kate.  The psychological undercurrents running through the minds of Tomas, Christopher and Kate, after the accident, portray the distance between guilt and forgiveness.

Although Tomas’s life progress after the accident, the emotional baggage he nurtures within him is closely monitored in the movie, with a parallel view on the lives of Kate and Christopher. The scope of 3D technology is used subtly in this movie to blend the delicate beauty of scarcely populated Quebec side of Canada with Tomas’s stranded island of emotions.

The 3 D movies will be exclusively screened at Remya theatre and New theatre (Screen1) where 3 D glasses will be provided to delegates.


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