IFFK ‘Women Power’ section to showcase female-centric movies

2a29bdc9-7e1e-472f-b2f3-ab99ffb99457Thiruvananthapuram: With its exclusive section titled ‘Women Power’, the 20th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2015) beginning Friday will screen a range of international movies with a female lead as well as a female director.

The segment, thus, ensures amplified opportunities for women in front of the camera and behind the screen in a year that has been widely hailed to be a milestone for femme-centric movies, organisers said.

Some of the 2015 films curated for this segment are Ixcanul, Kill Me Please, My Mother, The Summer Of Sangaile and The Second Mother.


A messed-up daughter barges herself into her conscientious mother’s life. Things change not just for the two but for the entire household where the mother is employed as a housekeep. This domestic comedy drama was Brazil’s official entrant for foreign-language film Academy Awards category.


The consequences of casual and careless sexual lifestyle of young adults form the core of this debut by Vietnamese filmmaker Diep Hoang Nguyen. Though the knocked-up woman burdened by romantic and financial hurdles has been explored time and again, Diep takes the classic girl-in-trouble situation and characterizes it with a distinct spiritual and cultural hue.

IXCANUL (2015)

Maria’s desire to be on the other side of the mountain leads her to seduce a coffee-harvester but when things don’t work out, María discovers her own world and culture anew. An unfamiliar daily routine awaits the audience, far from the globalised world. IXCANUL is not a film about Indigenous culture but one that was developed from within it.


Kill me Please is a woman’s struggle to keep herself alive during a crime wave that hits Barra da Tijuca, an up-and-coming middle-class neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro. The dismembered bodies of teenage girls are found lacerated in the wastelands surrounding the area. While the girl encounters love through a corpse, her brother is in search of a mysterious girl.

MY MOTHER (2015)

Margherita is a noted film director. She is shooting a film with the famous American actor, Barry Huggins, who is quite a headache on set. Away from the shoot, Margherita tries to hold her life together, despite her mother’s illness and her daughter’s adolescence.


This film is about the story of  seventeen-year-old Sangailewho  is fascinated by stunt planes.

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