A cop’s distinctive effort to tackle online pestering; DCP Sanjay Kumar opens up about his view

Thiruvananthapuram: Thriruvananthapuram’s own DCP (Law and Order) Kori Sanjay Kumar Gurudin is all set to undertake and resolve the issue of rising cyber crimes against children in the state. A recent video that he has made and posted on his Facebook page as an effort to create awareness among the parents of children intruded into social media says it all.

“Is Your Child Safe?”, a video posted by the officer, urges parents and teachers to be aware of the dangers and risks associated with the use of Internet and social networking sites.

Talking to Evartha, Sanjay shares his views and elucidation on the issue.

What exactly does the video focus on?

“It is basically an introductory to make people aware, that there is a hidden threat in social media and we always assume that our child will not fall prey to all these. We think that the news and warnings on cyber abuse are not for us, but for others. But let me tell you, your child is equally exposed to such dangers as any other child.”

Heard that this video is a precursor to your soon-to-be-released book on internet safety under the same title. Is it?

“Yes, I am in the process of writing a book which I intend to complete and circulate among the parents, teachers and students of various schools in the district. I am alarming a few facts through my book with the help of few studies conducted by various agencies on the after effects of social media and its influence in teenagers.”

“In a layman’s term I have tried to explain the different stages by which the child falls to a state of addiction to social media and of course the steps to prevent it are also precised in my book.”

Is this initiative a departmental one or have you alone initiated it?

“See it is a contemplation that I have initiated but for sure will need the support of my department. I have already spoken to my heads in the department but as of now nobody has actually consolidated and brought the topic in to the main stream.”

Apart from awareness what suggestions do you have to put before the authorities?

“I would like to suggest that all schools should have lessons on net security. We are doing a lot of things like including self defence training programmes in the curriculum but I personally feel that training for being safe online is more important, particularly on the current circumstances where there is been a phenomenal increase in the number of online harassment.”

Sanjay, a 2005 batch IPS officer who has returned from Central deputation also says that the ease of interaction through social media is one among the major causes of teenagers being approached by the online predators.

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