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Palmolein case: Chennithala slams Chief Secretary Jiji Thomson’s claim

IndiaTvfeb023_JijiThiruvananthapuram: Home Minister Ramesh Chennithala Wednesday dismissed chief secretary Jiji Thomson’s statement regarding the Palmolein case.

Jiji had said that he had written a disagreement note against the decision to import palmolein during the time the import took place. My stand was that selecting a company without going for a global tender was wrong, he had said.

Home minister Ramesh Chennitrhala told the Question Hour session in the Assembly on Wednesday that what Jiji Thomson said about the Palmolein case was not right. His statement does not hold good, Chennithala said. There are no documents relating to this, he said.

Jiji, who was the then managing director of the Civil Supplies Corporation during that time, said he had been facing a case for the past 25 years even though he had written a disagreement note and was forced to abide by the government’s decision.

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