Workshop on advanced immediate load dental implant procedure

dental-implantThiruvananthapuram: The city will see a cutting-edge treatment in dental care that brings down treatment time radically from the traditional treatment duration of three months to 72 hours- on the time needed for fixing teeth on implants in people without teeth and also in patients who wish to have their removable dentures replaced with fixed teeth.

Ihde Dental and Simpladent India are organising a three-day workshop at Ananthapuri Super Speciality Dental Clinic, Vattiyoorkavu, on the procedure, called immediate loading dental implants, from July 24-26. The workshop will offer practical demonstrations and treatment in Immediate Loading techniques by Dr Vivek Gaur, Dr Prasanth Pillai and Dr Feminath. It is open to dentists and patients alike.

While the revolutionary immediate loading dental implants introduced by Dr Stefan Ihde are used in the western countries, it is for the first time that it is being introduced in this part of the country.

In the regular dental implant procedure, implants are placed and tooth restoration happens in three to six months, which is the time taken for the bone to integrate with the implant. The major drawback with the traditional system is that patients feel uncomfortable to be left without teeth for too long.

The new basal implants facilitate fixation of teeth much faster – functional restoration of teeth is possible within 72 hours of implant surgery. Another advantage of this new system is that it avoids bone grafting procedures in most situations. The procedure is painless, with minimal post-surgical swelling and is more economical than regular implants.

Provisions have been made for Dentists to bring their patients requiring dental implant supported prostheses so that they are able to assist the surgical and prosthetic phases of their patients during the workshop. Patients will get implants and fixed teeth (interim prostheses) at a discounted rate. In the near future, similar workshops will be conducted in Kochi and Kozhikode.

For more info on the program, please contact: 9605472231/[email protected]

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