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Hema Malini blames deceased girl’s father for accident

hema-malini-sonam-accident.jpg.image.784.410Mumbai: Days after the accident in which a girl child was killed after the car she was travelling crashed with actor-turned-BJP MP Hema Malini’s car in Rajasthan, the actor blamed the child’s father for causing the accident.

“My heart goes out to the child who unnecessarily lost her life and the family members who have been injured in the accident. How I wish the girl’s father had followed the traffic rules – thn this accident could have been averted & the lil one’s life safe!” (sic), she tweeted on Tuesday.


Hema Malini was discharged from a Jaipur hospital on July 4 after her Mercedes collided with another car (Maruti-Alto) in Dausa district of Rajasthan, leaving four-year-old Sonam dead and injuring five others, including the actress.

Sonam could have been saved had she been rushed to a hospital with actress Hema Malini, father of the girl had said as he lay injured at a Jaipur hospital after the mishap.

“My little girl died in the lap of her mother in car. It is sad that mother is also struggling for survival in polytrauma ward and she does not know that Sonam is no more,” Sonam’s father Hanuman Mahajan had told reporters at the hospital.

For about ’20-25 minutes our family of five’ lay bleeding on the road in the crashed car, as a doctor took Hema Malini and others in his car to Jaipur’s Fortis hospital, Hanuman claimed.

“We all were attended by Dausa Police, and the hospital had poor condition to tackle our injuries,” he further accused.

Shirish Gupta, uncle of Sonam, who succumbed to her injuries on way to hospital, said, “Hema Malini was taken to a hospital in Dausa by a doctor immediately after the incident. He then took her to Fortis hospital while Sonam was lying at the spot for 15-20 minutes. Nobody asked about her.”

“Had she (Sonam) been taken to the hospital along with Hema Malini, she would have been saved,” Gupta said.

Relatives of the family said categorically that they were competent to afford the treatment and not looking for any compensation from the government.

Hema Malini had offered financial assistance to families of the victims.

“Actress’s car was being driven on wrong side that led to the mishap. Had all five of injured admitted to a private hospital, they would have been better now,” a relative of Sonam said then.

Talking to reporters outside Hema’s residence in Juhu, her daughter Esha Deol said then, “My mother will help the families of victims. She is doing this not because she is a neta (leader) but because she is a good human being as well.”

On Thursday night, the car in which Hema Malini was travelling rammed into another car coming from the opposite direction in Dausa district of Rajasthan, killing a four-year-old girl and leaving five others injured, including the veteran actress.

“Jab accident hua tab mummy ki jo condition thi wo kisi aur ke baare me kaise soch sakti thi…koi bhi nahi soch pa raha tha…par hame afsos hai us pariwar ne apna khoya hai (When the accident took place, my mother as well as the family was not in a condition to comprehend anything but we are sad that a family has lost a dear one),” Esha had said then.

“When the accident happened she was asleep. She had told everyone to wear their seat belts. But achanak picche se jor ka dhakka laga (suddenly we felt jolt from the rear side). The accident was very bad…It was traumatic so no one was in a state to talk…or think anything,” she had said.

Hema Malini, who was discharged from hospital on July 4, had undergone a surgery for her wounds at the Fortis hospital. She was also treated for a minor fracture on her nose.

Mahesh Chand Thakur, who was driving Hema’s car at the time of the accident, was arrested and was released on bail later.

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