Protests against school authorities go violent in Bishop Memorial School, Thiruvananthapuram

KaramooduThiruvananthapuram: Agitated on not permitting Muslim girl students to wear hijab (head wear of Muslim women) and not allowing Muslim boy students to go Mosque on Fridays, a self formed group of agitators turned out violent here at Mangalapuram Karamoodu Bishop Memorial School, Thiruvananthapuram on Monday.

It is been known that the school authorities are not letting the Muslim students to follow their rituals, which has spurted to the confrontation. According to a protester, girl student are being asked to pull off their hijab at the school’s main gate itself. Not just that last week, though not having a government consent the management have had held special class on Friday, not having let the boy students go to the mosque for their routine prayers.

Mean while the school management said that they have functioned only according to their propaganda.

“We are functioning according to our bylaws and cannot deviate from it. We won’t succumb to the threats of the protesters and if necessary the school would be shut,” said a management staff.

Karamoodu Bishop Memorial School had been earlier too in the buzz for the wrong reasons, the previous time when they insisted for short skirts.




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