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Marad massacre: Two more witnesses changes their statements

newsbag_1_20030519Kozhikode: In the Marad massacre of 2003, two more witnesses have been reportedly changed their statements, Thursday.

The witnesses contradicted their earlier statements during the trial of the two accused, who have been absconding since the beginning of the case.

With witness number 38 Shamsudeen and witness number 40 Aji switching their allegiance, the number of people who changed statements in three days has become five.

T Naushad, who allegedly drove a jeep that carried weapons to the Marad beach during the riots, had on Tuesday given a statement that he did not go to the location with arms. Two other witnesses, Ahmed Koya and Mansoor, who had earlier stated that they saw weapons being handed over during the riots, too gave different versions on Wednesday.

The trial, which started on May 15, is against two accused K P Koyamon and Nizamuddin who have gone hiding since the beginning of the court procedure.

As many as 148 accused were named in the Marad massacre case. Out of them 87 people were sentenced by lower courts. The punished had appealed against their sentencing in the Supreme Court and the top court is yet to give a verdict in it.

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