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CM Chandy calls for comprehensive policy for education loans

Oommen_Chandy_852753f1Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has asked for a comprehensive policy for education loans to students, granted by the commercial banks. He was speaking at the State Level Banker’s Conference here, Monday.

Chandy asked commercial banks to formulate a common policy for disbursement of education loans to students.

‘Presently banks are following different procedures for disbursing education loans. The interest rate and re-payment conditions differ from banks to banks and even branches of same banks. This has created lot of problems for students to get loans,’ said Chandy.

Expressing concern over attitude of banks in not coming forward to support state government rehabilitation package for returnees from strife-hit countries like Syria, Libya and Iraq, Chandy said only Canara Bank and Union Bank extended assistance.

Chandy also wanted banks to extend support to different housing schemes of the government.

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