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Karipur firing: CISF soldiers likely to get a mass transfer

Karipur AirportKozhikode: In the drastic incident of clash in Karipur airport which led to the death of one person, the authorities are in a move to transfer the security force personnel in mass. The move comes as a first step of the disciplinary actions against the officials.

Action will be taken against those who were involved in the murder and the ensuing violence. It’s believed that around 50 persons were involved in the clash that occurred on Wednesday. They were seen in the CCTV footage.

S S Yadav, a CISF constable was killed Wednesday night during a brawl between CISF personnel and Fire Force workers at the airport. CCTV visuals aired by TV channels on Friday suggested that the shot that killed Yadav was fired from the pistol in the possession of CISF SI Sitaram Choudhary. It is believed to be an accidental gunshot.

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