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Media Cannibalism force Vava Suresh to stop snake rehabilitation

Vava-SureshThiruvananthapuram: Snake expert and wildlife conservationist Suresh aka Vava Suresh is about to leave his profession of capturing and rescuing snakes that strays into human inhabited areas.

Vava was deeply hurt on a report that came in some of the prominent dailies which accused that Vava extracts venom from the serpents he capture and sells it for making money.

Taking to Evartha Suresh recalls the whole incident that took place on a recent harthal day,

“I had captured a Cobra near the housing board colony premise in Balaramapuram, just after that I received a call from Kulathupuzha forest office informing me that there was a King Cobra being found and while I was on a rush to leave to there, two media persons approached me and demanded to exhibit the Cobra that I have caught, to which I expressed my uneasiness and left to Kulathupuzha,” said Vava.

“The very next day, I was shocked to learn from the dailies that stated, I have taken the snake for extracting venom, which left me deeply hurt and forced me to take a decision of quitting this profession,” added Vava.

Vava has captured and rehabilitated over 49,000 snakes, conducted surgeries and healed numerous of them, sustained snake bites over 300 times to which he has also been admitted critically to the ventilator twice.

“Unless and until they apologize for the false news against me I won’t resume my job though I will do the commitments that I have already made,” said a determined Vava.

In the mean while many people and organizations have come in expressing solidarity to Vava and requesting him to revoke his decision.

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