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US students on a study visit to Attingal Municipality

usThiruvananthapuram:  A 17-member team comprising of students and staff from the Kansas University School of Business and Colorado University USA today visited Attingal Municipality to get an idea of Local Self Government in India.

The team is in the capital city as part of their yearly India Study Tour Programme to learn more about the country and about the possibilities of business in emerging markets. They were led by Prof Sanjay Mishra and Prof Anil Mishra of Kansas University and Prof G Venugopal, ASB Dean, Administration, on their visit to Attingal.

Municipality Chairperson Adv. S Kumari detailed the various welfare schemes implemented by them, especially the Ashraya Scheme, the EMS Housing scheme and the project to eliminate slums. She also described the scheme offering pensions to people over the age of 60, unmarried women above 50 years of age and people with disabilities.

Attingal has been recognised as one of the best municipalities in Kerala and is a role model for the other 59 municipalities.

The officials made a presentation on how waste management is being done in the area. And the Chairperson spoke at length about the Kudumbashree project which has vastly improved financial security and empowerment of women in the state.

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