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New Year celebrations to be monitored using drones by the cops

bangalore_1430910gBengaluru: Drone aerial cameras are being used by city police for the first time to monitor New Year celebrations in the central business district where a bomb blast killed a woman and injured three others on Sunday.

The remote controlled drones would capture visuals from a height of 50 to 60 metres, which would be monitored live by police which has beefed up security on M G Road, Brigade Road, Lavelle Road and Church Street, which form the nucleus of New Year revelry in the city with people gathering in thousands.

The Improvised Explosive Device triggered blast on December 28 had happened on Church Street in the central business district dotted with bars and restaurants, claiming the life of 38-year old Bhavani from Chennai, on a visit to the city.

“For 1st time Drone Aerial Cameras being used for New Year. Remote controlled.Go upto 50 mts,” DCP Central (Bengaluru) Sandeep Patil tweeted.

“Geared up fr new yr. B alert &watch ur surroundings.Anything suspicious, report 2 control room on 100.Though nothin 2 panic.Precautionary measure,” he further tweeted.

“….Keeping in mind the bomb explosion that took place on Dec 28 we are increasing police bandobast,” Patil told reporters after inspecting security arrangements in the city.

He said, “This year we have taken certain extra measures; we are using Drone Aerial Cameras, this will help us to cover larger area as it captures visuals from the height of 50 to 60 meters. The visuals will be monitored live.”

Patil said ten watch towers, each of which will have two policemen equipped with night vision binoculars, were in place in the area which has been sensitised with the help of bomb disposal squad and anti-sabotage checks.

Patil said from past three days police was being deployed in larger numbers with constables located at a distance of every 100 meters to check the assigned area.

He also warned of action against any misbehaviour or harassment of women during the New Year celebration.

Patil said the 1 AM deadline for winding up New Year’s celebration would be strictly followed. “We request public to cooperate with the police.Action will be taken against those who don’t follow instructions and misbehave with police in this regard.

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