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Killer Doctor who performed 83 sterilisation surgeries held


Bilaspur: The doctor, who performed sterilisation surgeries on 83 women within 5 hours, here has been arrested, sources said here on Thursday. While 13 lost their lives 32 are still in critical condition.

141585500213guptaThe doctor is reportedly to be known as Dr R K Gupta who performed the surgeries at Nemichand Jain hospital in Pendari of Bilaspur.

Flouting the rules that a doctor is allowed to perform only 10 sterilisation surgeries a day, Gupta performed 83 surgeries.

The Centre had instructed that a team comprising three doctors are permitted perform a maximum of 30 operations a day. Even if more doctors and instruments are available, only a maximum of 50 surgeries a day is permitted. All these norms were blown to the winds at the camp organised by the state government._78952212_78952185

Dr Gupta is famous for his ability to perform maximum number of surgeries within limited time. On January 26 this year, the state government had felicitated him for completing 1-lakh sterilisation surgeries.

However, following the deaths of 13 women, Chhattisgarh Chief Minister Raman Singh instructed to place the doctor under suspension. Registering a case, the police have launched an investigation.

A senior government official said the preliminary reports show that the medicines administered were spurious and also the equipment used was rusted.

The hospital lacks basic amenities and had been remaining closed form April owing to pending construction works.

The cause of the deaths were not immediately clear, but officials said the victims showed signs of toxic shock, possibly because of dirty surgical equipment or contaminated medicines.

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