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3 day-old newborn left hanged on a gate,unattended

Hanging-Newborn-PhotographerPozhiyoor/Thiruvananthapuram: A 3 day old female infant was founded to be in a hanging position on the gateway of a residence here. It was Vijayan, a Pozhiyoor-Pazhavanchala resident, who noticed the unattended infant, hanging on his gate and reported to the Police.

“An infant was wrapped with a shawl and left hung on the gate way unattended at around 10pm yesterday”, said a police Official while talking to Evartha.

While the whereabouts of the tot is yet to be known, the police also speculate that the child might have been brought from Tamil Nadu. “There isn’t a hint of its mother and we have stated to probe on the case being registered,” added the cop.

Meanwhile the child was taken to the Parashala hospital and then there after transferred to SAT hospital. The baby is understood to be healthy.

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