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KSEB Ltd to commence floating Solar Power Station

shutterstock_112705813Thiruvananthapuram: The KSEB Ltd is all set to start Solar Power Stations on the water surfaces of dams in the state. KSEB has invited applications from the companies, wishing to be a part of the project. Six companies have already expressed their willingness towards the project. A few company names reportedly known were- L&T, Vikram Solar and Elsum Global.

These applications will be scrutinized and if found worthy, the tender’s official procedure would be started. The pilot project of solar station should be planted in any of the dams in state, which the company is liable to choose. The fund will be allocated by KSEB. Accordingly the maintenance should be carried by the respective tendered company for a period of five years.

Even though there had been solar stations proposed earlier, limited space was one of the biggest constraints that pulled back the projects. However the new innovation has led to new hope in this sector, as it uses the unexplored amenity- the dam’s water surface.

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